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Let’s Be Friends!

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Announcing My New Project:
Female Founders Club

Female Founders Club is a group of women who are leaders, brave and bold and who stand together to support each other in business and healthy living.

Whether you're founder of a tech startup, cooking blog
or woman of the household, this club is for you!

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Make Life More Valuable

Learn to Code

Anyone can learn and now is the time. Young girls should know that coding is creative, sexy and it can change the world. Let’s empower each other to feel confident in our abilities to build.

Live Purposefully

Enjoy simple pleasures. Be inspired. Embrace challenges. Laugh out loud. Trade expectation with appreciation. Start living a more meaningful life by creating a life for YOU.

Just Start

Starting a business can be overwhelming with all of the resources you can find online. I’m sharing some of my favorite tools and tips to get you started.

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