10 Blogs For Entrepreneurs

In a given day, I read around 10 articles about business, entrepreneurship and how to survive the startup life. It took a while to find the perfect blogs to follow because I started to notice that most writers were more focused on quantity of posts over quality, filling them with fluff, thus the content was stale and repetitive.

After following (and unfollowing) many blogs, I’ve come up with a strong collection of inspiration and advice. The blogs in this list share valuable information that seems to always resonate with me. And I feel a great deal of satisfaction when I can later apply that helpful piece of knowledge to my business journey.

Here are my top 10 favorite blogs written for entrepreneurs.

1) KISSmetrics – I’ve been following KISSmetrics for a long time and have been pleasantly surprised with their ability to keep creating fresh content around online marketing, sales and analytics.

2) Buffer Blog – I am a Buffer fanatic for several reasons: their company culture and transparency is admirable and authentic, the product is beautiful and makes my life easier and the co-founders are genuine and helpful. So of course their blog would be a big hit. Don’t forget to check out the co-founder blogs as well: Joel & Leo

3) Onboardly – This beautiful blog reads like a conversation with friends but provides valuable tips for startups content, PR and much more.

4) Technori – An online community for starters, Technori is a curated collection of quality content.

5) Dan Martell – Founder of Clarity, an application for entrepreneurs to receive advice over the phone, Dan shares stories and advice of his own on his personal blog.

6) Startups & Burritos – Founder of GiveForward, Ethan Austin writes for those that are living in the startup world now.

7) Vinicious Vacanti – This blog is written by a first-time entrepreneur who is sharing the lessons that he’s learning in the process of building his first startup.

8) Dustin Curits – I’ve been a subscriber of Svbtle.com for a while now and while I like reading posts from contributors, I still find the most interesting articles to be those written by Founder, Dustin Curtis.

9) Zenhabits – An all-time favorite, Zenhabits gives tips and hints on how to live a life of zen, which all entrepreneurs should embrace.

10) Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster is a 2X entrepreneur turned VC that gives seasoned advice through this blog.

Bonus (non-blog) From Scratch – This podcast is a gold mine for first time entrepreneurs. Jessica Harris hosts interviews with thought leaders from many different industries where they discuss pitfalls, successes, surprises and other candid stories.