Things I’m Afraid To Tell You: Wave Two

As you may remember from my “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You” post a few weeks ago, many bloggers were involved in a movement to help bring transparency to the blogging world. I am such a supporter of this new emotional wave and while in the airport today, I had a chance to read the second set of bloggers who joined in. The more I read, the more I realize that most of us have similar insecurities or secrets that we were afraid to tell the internet. It’s almost refreshing. Take a minute to click through these beautifully candid posts and remember that we all have our own story.


Bloggers Who Participated in Wave No.2:

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Thanks again to Jess for her initial post, and to Ez for starting the movement.

Here are the bloggers that participated in Ez’s Wave No. 1 of Things I’m Afraid To Tell You:

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Image via Ez

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

While browsing my favorite blogs, I came across a challenge inspired by this blog post and created by Ez of Creature Comforts (who also made this lovely image above). The idea is to be completely transparent with our readers and remind not only each other, but also ourselves, that life isn’t always what it seems [on the internet]. This movement has encouraged bloggers to share things that they are afraid to tell the online community with the hopes that authenticity will rise one another up. With the launch of my freshly designed blog, I just knew I had to be involved.

It’s easy to get caught up in the online fantasy world as you follow the lives of the rich and famous through all social mediums. Not only celebs on Twitter or your high school friend turned super model on Facebook, but also the companies that sell for millions billions and acquaintances that travel the world sharing stories of accomplishments that you could only dream of. This post isn’t about sharing jealous thoughts, it’s a post to prove that no matter what your online life reselmbes, everyone has challenges and we should be here to support each other through it all.

Things that I’m afraid to tell you.

  • I want to be a lawyer so I have credibility. I am often belittled for just being a paralegal. It’s upsetting to feel underappreciated when you put your heart into everything you do.
  • Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I browse Pinterest wedding ideas, DIY mommy blogs and other extremely domesticated posts. I wonder if I’ll ever get married.
  • What if my business doesn’t work out? What if the dreams I’m chasing amount to nothing and I can’t become as successful as I strive to be? What if I am wasting my time on starting my own company rather than going back to school?
  • I worry all the time.  If I don’t have anything to worry about, I make something up.
  • My favorite compliments are the ones about my personality and work ethic.

Exhale. Well, that was a heck of an intro post.

Now your turn…. 

(For a list of bloggers who have jumped in on the challenge, visit this post. I just filled up my Reader with some new faces!)

Hi. Hello!

I’m back with a new beautiful blog designed by the wonderful Allison Lehman of Show + Tell.

(Did I mention she also takes lovely portraits like the one above?)

Follow along and let’s get to know each other all over again. <3


Janine Renee


Every year I come up with this outrageous list of New Year’s Resolutions ranging from the very vague “learn to play my guitar” to the very specific “read 2 books per month” and most of the time, I plow through them at a rapid pace and then break it down into a new list each month. My lists had lists that had lists…

Then I read this blog post: 100 Days with No Goals and I was like… hm.. No goals? I don’t get it..? So then how do you.. ya know, move forward and push yourself and.. it just doesn’t make any sense. Then I went to the gym and ran a couple miles just thinking about it “No goals?….” Then I took a bath with thought bubbles… “Really, no goals?” And I talked about it at dinner “I read this post and this guy was all ‘I’m not setting goals for 100 days’ and I just don’t know how I could do that. I guess it would help the fact that I’m so hard on myself. But, how do you achieve anything if you don’t have your boxes to check off?”

All of a sudden… it hit me. Just be. Be happy with today, with yourself and with tomorrow.

I recently read The Happiness Project and it was quite refreshing. I read it in the morning, I took notes, I read it at night before bed, I re-read my notes when I was getting stressed and I found that it really did make me happier. It made me concentrate on things that I seem to forget when I’m worrying about nonsense.

A few of the things that really helped me believe this whole “no goals” thing could actually work, is my list of personal commandments (as the book suggests you create). This list is consisted of 12 ideas that I must remember to achieve order and happiness in my own world. One of my listed commandments is as simple as “Enjoy the Process”. Far too often, I am so concerned with just getting to the next point, checking to-do’s off my list, making sure that each thing is accomplished (notice all of these things are “goal driven”) and I am just waiting for the next time I can feel like I achieved something. All of this is just putting pressure on me. So one of my personal commandments is to enjoy the ride, to just have fun in the process. Everything is beautiful if you take the time to notice. 

So my mind may be set similarly to that of previous years… eat healthier, work out more, love harder, learn a new language, read more books, make more money, take more photos, teach others, smile and laugh often… but I have time. None of these FUN things will be a pressure on me if I just enjoy the process. 

A Year in Review {2011}

Twenty-eleven was a year of great achievements, new beginnings and life changing events. Although there were many bumps and even a few wrong turns, it was a ride well worth taking and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

Here are a few major things that happened for me in 2011.

I had Lasik surgery and got rid of my glasses after 15 years. This could be one of the best things I have ever done!



I went to Europe! It was truly magical.

In London.


In Paris.

In Venice.


In Prague.

I got to know my new favorite girl friends.

I got a PUPPY!!! Jaxson has truly impacted my life for the better and I just adore him to pieces. He’s my pride and joy.



I went to the White House!


I learned how to letterpress

I started my first business, worked hard and made money!


I said goodbye to an amazing man. I will never forget my step-grandpa’s thoughtful heart and the love he had for his family.


I saw the city from another view.

I closed the year with a trip to Niagara Falls.


Through everything, I was encouraged, supported and loved.

I wish you happiness, success and comfort in 2012. And make sure no matter what you do this year, you never lose yourself. You are beautiful.