Juicing 101

It has been over a month that I participated in a three day juice cleanse challenge and the effects have seemed to somewhat fade. I am determined to get back into the mindset I had after completing the challenge. I want raw eating and healthy portions to consume my thoughts. Are you thinking about trying it? Not sure if it’s for you? Take a look at some of these great juicing resources I found.

Benefits of juicing: 

Lose weight, fight sugar cravings, increased energy levels and mental clarity, improve sleeping routine, clearer complexion, lower blood pressure, be free from diet traps.

Juicing Entertainment: Movie, Book and iPad App

Crazy, Sexy Diet – New York Times bestseller by cancer-survivor Kris Carr. A book about how to improve your health, happiness and confidence. I just purchased it and will write a review once I finish but it looks exactly like the type of book to keep my spirits high and my calories low. She also includes a twenty-one -day cleanse and has a Crazy Sexy Juice e-guide filled with 60 recipes and plenty of

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  – A juicing documentary inspiring people to reboot the way they think about health and well-being. This Aussie man travels around the US and loses 80 pounds, cures himself of chronic illness and helps others change all by juicing.

7lbs in 7 days – One week juice cleanse iPhone and iPad App by Jason Vale said to have been completed by many celebrities.

Juice Cleanses to Buy Online. 

I haven’t tried any of the online juice cleanses but they seem to be very popular. The branding alone on these sites makes me want to try it out sometime, although they are pretty pricey.

1) Blue Print Cleanse – There are three levels in this cleanse for the beginner, intermediate and expert cleansers. The difference between the three is that the beginner has more sugary options and the expert is mostly all greens.


2) Pressed Juicery – These juices are separated into different categories, cleanses, packages and kits. They even have a kid’s kit!

3) Cooler Cleanse – They have the option of doing a 3-day, 5-day or custom cooler with many different choices ranging from almond nut milk to essential green.

4) Life Juice – The three-day juice cleanse that they offer is $180 and one of the most reasonably priced cleanses to order online. I love that they promote “juice cleansing for a healthy body, mind and spirit”.

Do-It-Yourself Juicing.

The Best Juicer for Any Budget – I usually just take my ingredients to the juicing station at my local grocery so that I don’t have to clean up the juice mess but I imagine some day down the road I’ll purchase a juicer of my own. I’ve heard the best is the Breville Extractor

Earth Fare or Market District – Purchasing your raw fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market would be the best route but if you don’t have a market nearby, find a grocery that has organic and local produce to use in your juice.

Recipes – You can find many recipes for DIY juice cleanses on the internet but the ingredients I used are indicated on my blog after the photos in italics.

Have you done a DIY juice cleanse? Have you tried the bottled juice cleanse service? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Four Miles High Into The Sky: Impromptu Hiker’s List

It was 10am in Seattle and the rain was pouring out of the sky. Everyone walked into the coffee shop dripping wet and collapsing umbrellas. It was hours later, while we sipped our coffee that the day slowly started to peek out and before long, the clouds parted and the sun invited us to go on a hiking day trip to the peak of Mount Si. Not being prepared at all, we had to run to an outdoor clothing store and purchase some essentials: long hiking pants, bug/wind repellent jacket, a backpack and bottles of water. In less than an hour, we arrived at the 4,167 foot mountain.

At the beginning of the trail I came across a small walking stick on the ground that was just my size. It was beautiful to see the sun rays shooting through the tall trees and hear the whispering howl of the wind as we got closer to the top. Pushing through the last mile, it was getting slightly harder to breathe. After breaking through the trees, the first thing I saw was a giant pile of rocks. There were rocks everywhere! To reach the very top, it involved a little technical rock climbing through the “Haystack”. Rocks were falling under my feet and tumbling down. My heart was racing. I turned around to see how high Mount Si had taken me and the view was breathtaking. The clouds pushed around the side of the mountain and everything fell white. Breathing in deeply, I looked around and felt a wave of accomplishment.

It only takes a few miles into the sky to realize what you’re climbing for everyday.


Ever since my climb, I’ve been thinking about other day-long hiking trips closer to my home so that my dog can join. I found a few great peaks on the East Coast and some beautiful hiking trails around the Smoky Mountains and  that I’ll probably do in the next couple years. If you are thinking about taking an impromptu hike or climb, be sure to pack some essentials.

Impromptu Hiker’s List:

  1. Hiking boots are so important. I had normal gym shoes and rolled my ankle quite a few times
  2. Long pants and wind or bug repellent jacket. Even if it’s warm – it will get cooler at the top.
  3. Take LOTS of water and start out well hydrated.
  4. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen.
  5. Trail mix. Because… come on.
  6. Make sure you stretch, stretch, stretch at the trailhead.
  7. If you’re wearing hiking socks, wear a thin nylon or light sock under. You don’t want blisters.
  8. Get a walking stick or make one at the start. It’s so helpful with keeping your balance.
  9. If it’s cold, don’t forget gloves, hat, extra socks and so many layers.
  10. Other gear: camera, tripod, backpack, compass, bandanna, flashlight, first aid kit, iPod, journal.
Happy Trails!


What To Do In Columbus Ohio

Whether you’re looking for something new to do with your beau, a fun activity for girl’s night or a weekend workshop with the kids, here are some fun must-do’s in the Columbus area for all ages.

  1. Igloo Letterpress – Learn how to letterpress. Create personalized stationary, book binding, print your own coasters and more.
  2. EcoFlora – Terrarium building, soap making, DIY flora design.
  3. The Candle Lab – Pour your own candle. Create a custom candle by blending your favorite scents together.
  4. Columbus Idea Foundry – Wood working, blacksmithing, welding and more.
  5. Franklin Park Conservatory Workshops – Food education, gardening programs and kitchen fundamentals.
  6. Complimentary Cooking Classes at Williams Sonoma (Easton)

  1. The Book Loft – When I was young, my dad would take me to The Book Loft and we would spend hours marveling through every room.
  2. Scuba Diving Classes -Youth and adult scuba diving classes.
  3. Vertical Adventures – This rock climbing adventure is fun for adults and children of all ages.
  4. Tecumseh Outdoor Drama – When I was a Brownie in Girl Scouts, this show blew my mind.
  5. Columbus Commons Activities – Columbus Commons has an array of activities in the Summer from free fitness classes to concerts.
  6. Ohio History Center – I went to the Ohio History Center for the first time last year for the exhibit “Controversy” and found it very interesting.
  7. COSIColumbus ZooZoombezi BayThe Wilds – Well-known Columbus favorites.
  8. Perkins Observatory – As a child, I loved visiting Perkins Observatory in the Fall for the night time astronomical observation through the large telescope.
  9. Zip Line Canopy Tours – I have yet to experience this but I imagine I’ll be cracking up as I’m zipping through trees like Tarzan.
  10. Scioto Audubon Dog Park – Not only is this a huge dog park with two separate play areas but there is also a climbing wall for people.
  11. Dog Park at Godown Park – This dog park is opening soon and sure to be a fun place for our pups to play.

  1. Columbus Museum of Art
  2. Riffe Gallery Exhibits
  3. Wex Center Exhibits and Films
  4. Short North Gallery Hop
  5. Cloak & Dagger Mystery Dinner Theater 
  6. Shadowbox Live
  7. Breakfast and a Flick at the Movie Tavern
  8. Gateway Film Series (from book to film)
  9. CAPA Movie Series
  10. Outdoor Movies all over Columbus

  1. Kalahari Indoor Water Park
  2. Strawberry Picking
  3. Shamrock Vineyard
  4. Valley Vineyards
  5. Hocking Hills
  6. Put-in-Bay or Kelley’s Island
  7. Amish Country
  8. Mohican State Park

This post came about because I was bored out of my gourd this weekend and had to conjure up some ideas of what I could do. I knew there had to be SOMETHING I haven’t done in this city so I spent about 3 hours researching all of the best things Columbus has to offer.

 What are your favorite Columbus (and beyond) activities? 

3 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge: Revealed

I participated in a juice cleanse challenge hosted by Piece of Chic and it was honestly one of the hardest tests I’ve had to endure. I tracked my progress through a journal and wanted to share my three-day journey to a more purified body and mind.

The Benefits:Kick start your metabolism, nourish your body, beat sugar cravings and drop some pounds!

The Rules:

  • Drink 8 oz. of juice every hour for 8 hours for 3 days.
  • Drinks lots of water and decaf herbal tea.
  • One small protein + veggie meal for dinner and
  • Regular workout routine.


Ingredients: 6 apples, 6 beets, 7 carrots, 7 celery sticks, 4 cucumbers 3 lemons.

8AM: I’m just getting started on my first day of juice! I decided to start my day with a 3 mile run followed by a short walk with my dog. The juice is dark maroon and tastes like a sweet beet. Although I’ve never had a beet before, I know this is the strongest flavor in the juice. This is certainly not something I would blend up for myself, unless I could add coconut flakes, bananas and strawberries. Maybe I’ll just imagine this juice is a mixture of it all.

11AM: It’s almost lunchtime and I’m craving my mid-morning mixed nut snack. I usually have oatmeal in the morning (some days with pecans and some days with ½ banana) then around this time I enjoy a small handful of mixed nuts or an energy bar. For lunch I generally have a salad, ½ a turkey wrap or something similar. Right now all I’ve had is juice. Just heavily beet-contained juice. It’s as if all I do now is drink beets.

2PM: Time to take the dog to the groomer, work on some projects and drink juice along the way.

5PM: It’s an hour until dinner time, my beet juice is gone and I’m really not that hungry now. It’s like my body has just forgotten all about the hunger. That’s nice. I turn on my Kimbra album and start preparing dinner. Chicken, zucchini, squash and onions with a dash of salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes wrapped up in an aluminum foil pocket. Only 20 minutes on the grill and this dinner will be in my belly. I sat on the balcony awaiting my delicious meal and as the steam rose from the aluminum pocket, all I could think of was how divine the veggies smelled. Normally I would be thinking about where the closest froyo shop is. Seriously, I love froyo.

8PM: Upon finishing my meal I felt slightly unsatisfied at first but then slowly became accepting of the portion I had.

CONCLUSION: I’m hopeful that this cleanse will help me regain control of my portion sizes rather than just eating as much as America puts in front of my face. When you  travel to other countries, it seems that they are only giving small snacks as a meal but then you look around and the locals are thin and energetic. It’s no wonder America is about to topple over from obesity. It’s time to make a change. If this cleanse does nothing more than help my mind believe in honest healthy food, that would be enough for me.


Ingredients: 6 apples, 7 celery sticks, 4 cucumbers, 3 handfuls of Parsley, 3 handfuls of raw ginger, 3 handfuls of Spinach

7AM: I woke up from a restless night with my hipbones popping out and my tummy grumbling. I’m definitely feeling skinnier from dropping so much water weight yesterday but I was dreaming about food all night. The juice today is very green and has an extremely strong ginger taste.

12PM: Around lunchtime I decided to turn on 90’s music and jam. It is very hard to concentrate today and I have a slight headache. I keep thinking about how I am not really enjoying this green juice but I know I only have one more day after this. That’s not too bad. If I can get healthy and rid all of the toxins in my body and blood stream by sacrificing a little flavor, so be it.

3PM: I just finished a great weightlifting workout at my gym focusing on upper body and abs. I felt completely energized and ready to get back to work!

4PM: My last 16oz of juice was pretty difficult to swallow but I promised myself that after I finished today’s juice, I get to have hot herbal tea. Yeah, how’s that for a little bribe? Well, it worked and I’m actually enjoying the taste of something other than the well-described “spicy grass” as Erika put it.

7PM: For dinner I had an omelet with tomatoes, onion, green pepper, chicken and a dash of salt and pepper. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

CONCLUSION: Most of the day I was thinking about what I would eat when I was finished with all of this. It’s a weird feeling when you can’t focus because your mind and body is craving something that it’s lacking. I felt like my entire life was revolving around this challenge. The time flew by pretty quickly but I had a hard time trying to stay on task.



Ingredients: 6 beets, 7 carrots, 7 celery sticks, 4 cucumbers, 3 handfuls of ginger, 3 lemons, 4 handfuls of lettuce, 3 handfuls of parsley, 4 handfuls of spinach. (no apples!)

7AM: I awoke with energy and excitement… that it’s my last day of juice. After getting ready in the morning and hanging out with my puppy, I went to the fridge to shake up my juice and it was a little bit frozen still. I thought for a couple minutes about giving up but then opened the container and took a big gulp. DIRT! It tastes just like I cupped a handful of mud and grass and shoved it in my mouth. Yeah… it was thick and dark purple and just yuck. I started panting afterward as my eyes watered and I just thought to myself… “Fight through it Janine, this is the last day.” I convinced myself that once I choke the last couple bottles down, I will feel my body become purified and will crave the taste of raw vegetables and fresh organic protein. Let’s do it!

10AM: Choking down dirt juice.

12PM: I want cupcakes.

2PM: While running through the city for a quick 2.5 miles, I thought about the juice. Why couldn’t it just have a couple apples in it? Then maybe it wouldn’t be so dreadful. What is it that I’m supposed to be thinking about? Not food? Food? I don’t get it. I’m hungry. Ooh look, a poster with $3 burgers on it. Wonder when that starts? I don’t even like burgers. They probably wouldn’t taste good anyways….

5PM: The day passed rather slowly and I was having a really hard time drinking the muck. I finally made it to the last 16oz, chugged what I could and had to pour the finale down the drain… seriously, a finale of stringy beets and roots were settled at the bottom making me really want to cry. So there you have it… all of the juice is done. I did it! 

7PM: My tummy began to flop around most of the evening. I had a little iced tea and then for dinner I enjoyed trout, broccoli and green beans. To my surprise, the green beans were striking with flavor. Almost too much flavor.



After a night of full restful sleep, I awoke to a sliver of sunlight beaming through my curtains. It’s going to be a beautiful day. Before getting out of bed, I thought to myself about how I quit smoking three years ago and it was just like a switch, one morning I woke up and I was a non smoker. Today I felt a similar connection. My body just went through an emotional and rigorous challenge and I knew from this point forward, my outlook on artificial food and sweeteners would be forever changed.

Last night before bed I tried a salty Club cracker and it tasted like a shortbread cookie, then I tried a bite of green pepper with cucumber dill dip and I could immediately taste the artificial flavors in the dip. It’s almost unreal that only three days of training my body and mind to undergo a juice cleanse would change the taste of the food I’m consuming. Not only the taste but also the portion size! This is exactly what I had hoped I would achieve in this challenge.

As I was curling my hair this morning, I couldn’t help but think about how healthy and fresh I feel and then I honestly had a craving for juice! Before work I picked up a Naked – Green Machine because I figure with all of the fruit in this juice, it’s going to taste like Chiquita Banana Party compared to the muck I’ve been drinking the past couple days.

This challenge sure had it’s ups and downs but by sticking with it, I know that I am now on my way to healthier eating habits, a new outlook on cooking, eating out and lower sugar/carb consumption in general. Thanks to The Chic Chicks for putting this together and for the support throughout.

What a wonderful experience for my body and mind. XOXO.


Cooking Class: Venice in the Summer

Friday night, I experienced my very first cooking class at Sur la table and it was such a blast. I’ve been interested in gaining more experience in the kitchen for quite some time and this was exactly what I needed. When we arrived, we were handed a booklet of recipes along with an apron. Each area was set up with all of the ingredients and cooking utensils that we needed.





If you’re looking for something fun to do with a date or a night out with the girls, this is definitely a great time. I think I might even purchase a few classes for gifts this year for the holidays.