Morning Happiness Techniques

Wake up with a smile and improve your attitude! Here are a few of my happiness techniques each morning that I do in order to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable day.

  1. Listen to music while getting ready – Turning on a little Norah Jones or even NPR helps me tune out the anticipatory stress of work and focus on a fresh start.
  2. Open the windows – Birds chirping, cool breeze, sunshine beams – the signs of a perfect day.
  3. Stimulate your mind – Take 30 minutes to sit down and do something you really enjoy first thing in the morning whether it’s reading a magazine, watching the news or browsing your favorite blogs on your iPad.
  4. NO Rushing – Wake up a little earlier. Make time for breakfast. Stop rushing. It truly will make a difference.
  5. Morning miles – Some of my best days start out with a refreshing jog in the morning fog.
  6. Think of 5 adjectives that you want to feel and strive to be that way throughout the day. Some of my favorites: innovative, cheerful, fortunate, charming, creative.

Life can be full of I don’t want to’s and mundane routines. If you don’t love something in your life, change it. There are too many other opportunities and exciting adventures out there waiting for you. You just need to have the right attitude about yourself and your future.

Do you have any favorite techniques or ideas to start your day off with a smile?

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  • Erika Dellatorre says:

    I love this! I 100% need to wake up earlier and take a moment to do something for myself. I need to learn that an extra half hour of sleep doesn’t make me more well rested, it makes me late!!! Great post 🙂

    • jrenee says:

      Thanks Erika! I always want to wake up earlier too – it’s SO nice to have a little time in the morning before rushing around.

  • Jessica R says:

    Your music idea is the best – I always feel happier when I get ready to music, but most days I forget to turn it on! Will remember tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

    • jrenee says:

      I always seem to forget too. I’d like to find the perfect bathroom wall iPad dock or something. Hm… I bet Pinterest will have a solution.

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