Why Startup Founders Should Attend Business Conferences

Bootstrapping startup founders have a unique position: they are looking for all of the advice and mentorship they can get, while they still have a hard time investing their precious time and money into attending business conferences.

Most founders juggle the idea of going to a conference because they are unsure if the advice, tips, and relationships they form will justify the cost. Although most conferences provide essential benefits to the founder, they are still shaky about whether or not to pull the trigger on the tickets.

After being in this situation several times, I’ve come up with a list of what to look for while decision making and why startup founders should attend.

First, I ask myself a few questions:

  1. What is the number one thing I want to get from this conference? Is there a session or panel relating to it? If so, what value would that bring to my business leadership and growth?
  2. Who are the speakers? Have they been known to give useful advice or entertaining stories that would benefit my business development?

Then, I look into the logistics:

  1. Where is the conference? How much does it cost? How many days will I be unable to work on my startup?  Can I take my laptop and possibly knock out emails simultaneously?
  2. Will my follower base find the content useful? If so, that’s kind of like working, right?

Finally, I convince myself it’s the right decision:

  1. By listening to strong market leaders share helpful tips and information, I will become more knowledgeable about my business strategies and improve my startup’s overall performance.
  2. After hearing advice from several professionals, I can improve my marketing and sales approach, social media campaigns and brand identity, thus creating more signups and increasing revenue.


Ohio Growth Summit is right around the corner and for those of you who are not familiar with the conference, it is a one-day event for business owners and entrepreneurs in Ohio to receive advice, hear stories and learn how to grow and manage their businesses.

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Some of the speakers this year include:

In its ninth year, the Ohio Growth Summit is a one of a kind event designed to celebrate the innovative spirit of today’s entrepreneur. Founded and conducted by the Ohio Small Business Development Center at Columbus State, the Ohio Growth Summit brings together entrepreneurs and accomplished business owners who provide insight, strategy and resources you can use to grow your business.

Follow the conference on twitter at @OHGrowthSummit or #OGS13 

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