On Love…

As social as I am online or in a local coffee shop, I tend to keep my personal life to a select few. I don’t write blog posts and tweet about my relationship, the details of my family or health concerns.

I like to share articles and tips about business and entrepreneurship, photos from my travels, juice recipes and fitness routines. I love posting pictures of my dog and moments from everyday life, without including too much of the mushy stuff because I feel like those intimate details are more important when shared with the ones I love.

But as I sit in our rented Paris flat, with a constant smile on my face, butterflies in my stomach and my head in the clouds, I want to share a personal story.

I’ve always been in love with love. As a little girl I would watch Princess Bride, The Little Mermaid and Dirty Dancing over and over again. I dreamed of the day I would have someone to share my life with. As I got a little older, that started to fade. There were times, that I truly wondered if love was even real. It was a weird feeling, but one I’m sure that others question every day. I tossed the idea of a fairy tale life out the window and focused on just living in the moment, not expecting too much, not dreaming of something I had seen in movies and read about in books. It was easier for me to think like this, because if it wasn’t real, it couldn’t hurt. With those thoughts, I took a few years to live alone and discover myself. It was a difficult challenge but one I’m so glad I managed to do before I began a life with someone else.

When John came into my life, we were both in a place to take things slow but as we began spending more and more time together and I found myself falling for him. With every late night ice cream date or early morning trip giggling through the grocery store, I fell more and more in love. It was two years after we started dating when I moved in with him and shortly after after that, we picked out a puppy together. Now, almost five years after John and I first met, he proposed.

And in that moment, the wave of emotions was stronger than anything I had ever felt in my life. I instantly began laughing and buried my head in his chest smiling so big that the tight pinch in my jaw was tingling. My hands were trembling intensely, stomach fluttering away, my feet were floating off the ground and just like that, time stopped. The bridge that was once full of people was now a vortex of spinning colors as we stood in the center looking into each other’s eyes. In the distance, a street band was playing a familiar song: “You’re just too good to be true… can’t take my eyes off of you…” and it was just like the movies; just like those moments that are described with such emotion and heart pounding love, that you find yourself completely entranced and full of excitement from head to toe.

I am quite positive that there’s nothing in this world more amazing then the day you realize where you are meant to be.

For me, that is in his arms as his bride-to-be.

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