Inspire: Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are a great source for knowledge, startup tips and inspiration. I typically listen to podcasts in the morning while drinking my coffee and sifting through emails or even during my mid-day break while running at the gym. Since I don’t always have the time to open a good business book, podcasts give me the ability to learn more about marketing, business, economics, and education. Sometimes, I like to speed the programs up on my iPhone to 1.5x to get through the programs quickly but still retain information. A list of my favorites include:

1) NPR: From Scratch – Host, Jessica Harris interviews some of the most reputable CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Founders of today’s business world.

2) Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner – A treasure chest for startups, this site had over 2000 free videos and podcasts featuring innovative thought leaders and business profiles.

3) Startups for the Rest of Us – This podcast provides an amazing amount of valuable information about the startup life for developers, designers and entrepreneurs that are launching software products.

4) This American Life – Ira Glass hosts this weekly, hour long podcast that features journalistic nonfiction, essays and compelling short stories. I’ve been listening to this station for many years and find myself crying or laughing along with the author.

5) NPR: Planet Money – The Economy, Explained. Planet Money’s team does a incredible job of taking the complexities of global economy and interpreting it for the average American. After listening to a couple episodes of Planet Money, you’ll feel like you’ve known these guys for years.

6) HBR Ideacast – Harvard Business Review podcast features breakthrough ideas and commentary from leading minds in management. A great way to learn something new!

7) TED Radio Hour: Building a Better Classroom – Although this entire podcast has inspiring lectures, I found this episode with Sir Ken Robinson to be most interesting. He discusses education today and how to bring creativity back into the classroom. “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

8) The Lifestyle Business Podcast – This podcast provides tips for living a mobile business lifestyle. They also offer an private membership and host worldwide conferences. If you’ve ever thought about business location independence, this is the program for you.

9) Startup Slingshot – Listen to this podcast if you’re a hungry entrepreneur looking for tools, tips and tactics about launching and growing a technology startup.

10) Mixergy – This podcast is a collection of business tips and interviews with well-known proven entrepreneurs. The success stories and passion within them is enough to encourage the startup life for anyone.

and just a few more….

What are your favorite podcasts? Did I miss one that you swear by? Leave a comment!