Startup Resources: Toolboxes and Toys

I can safely say that one thing I am not lacking in entrepreneurism is organization. If you’re planning to pitch, whether it be to angels, VCs or potential co-founders, be sure to cover your bases and anticipate their questions.


1) Valuation/Equity Calculator  – This calculator can help determine how much of your revenues will be disbursed between the founders, investors and options within the company.

2) Startup Plays – A cool concept. Online workspaces for building a startup.  How-to’s and step-by-step guides for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs equipped with templates, task lists and expert tips.

3) Startup Tools and Must Haves – I wrote this post a while back and cannot express how helpful Business Model Toolbox and LivePlan have been in my startup journey.

4) Startup Stay – In beta right now, this is the ultimate startup site for the traveling entrepreneur. Find and stay with other like-minded entrepreneurs during your business travels.


1) Startup Foundry Toolbox – An amazing resource you need for everything startup related.

2) The Art of the Elevator Pitch – A slideshow tutorial to demonstrate how to craft a beautiful elevator pitch.

3) Startup Tools by Steve Blank – Boom! This site has the works. Everything you ever wanted to know about building an internet business including website setup, SEO tools, CRMs, wireframing tools and so much more!

4) Startup Weekend Resources – Database full of resources from the great Startup Weekend gurus.

5) TechCrunch article about convertible notes – This article explains convertible note seed funding and the advantages.

6) Fundraising 101 Checklist for Entrepreneurs – I love this post because with each number, there is an associated post full of useful information.

7) Tools and Services for a Lean Startup – A comprehensive list of tools and providers to accelerate your business.

8) Books for Startups – Giant list of books for building businesses broken down by strategy and style.