Time to Unplug

I find that one of the only ways to keep balance in the life of being an entrepreneur is to make time to unplug. In a world of laptops, mobile devices, apps and wearable technology, it’s almost hard to escape being connected but if you can find time to completely unplug, you will find clarity.

Traveling is one of the best times to disconnect. It’s a time to completely free yourself from the overflowing inbox and clutter of files on your desk. It’s a time to reconnect with life, with others and sometimes with nature.

Here is a short list of disconnected getaway ideas in the states:

  1. Go Hiking: Grab a walking stick, backpack and hit the trails for a weekend away on a completely tech-free terrain. Peaks of Interest: Mount Si (Washington), Adirondacks (New York), Grand Teton (Wyoming)
  2. Get Grounded: A new wave of young professionals are reconnecting with their childhood with adult summer camps such as Campgrounded and Digital Detox.
  3. Find Zen: An alternative to the traditional hiking or camping escape is to achieve complete relaxation in a wellness retreat. A few in the North America region include the popular Kripalu in Massachusetts and all-women center, Big Sky Yoga in Montana.

Did you get a chance to unplug this summer? What would be your ideal digital detox getaway?

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  • Tony says:

    Great blog Janine. I totally agree, I make this a weekly priority and feel its just as important as any business task that needs done. Hope things are going well and looking forward to your next blog!

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