What I Love About Seattle Part 2: The Culture

Traveling to Seattle feels like being in another country, but everyone speaks English. The locals are so friendly, the streets are clean and the seafood is extremely fresh.

I have a weird obsession with journals and as soon as I came upon No Boundaries handmade journals, I knew I had to have one. The paper is recycled cotton paper with flecks of flowers and the binding is impeccable. Not to mention, the owner talked to me forever about the best places to eat in Seattle, where to find good live bands and some other off-the-beaten ideas. So nice.

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  • Loraine says:

    I just bought a No Boundaries journal today and it’s wonderful! The leather and cotton are so supple and soft, I feel like it’s way more comfortable to write on. I’m glad to see other people running into this awesome Pike’s Place booth!

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