What I Love About Seattle Part 1: Pike Place Market

Arriving at Pike Place Market around 7am was perfect. I was able to capture all of the vendors setting up their stands; the fish guys were placing the fresh catches out for the day and the flower owners were arranging the most vivid bouquets. The market gets very busy after 10am so if you’re looking to take photos and meet some of the locals, going bright and early is your best bet.

I’ve been to many markets, but none quite like this. There were miles of farmers, street performers and musicians all very friendly just looking to make you smile and earn a couple bucks. The guys at Sosio’s Fruit and Produce were cutting off the juiciest bites of “oh my god peaches” that somehow melted the second they touch your tongue. When you order a fish at the Pike Place Fish Co., they sing a song and throw the floppy fish across the crowd, causing a big scene of oh’s and ah’s. If you’ve visited Seattle or live there now, what are your favorite activities?

What I Love About Seattle Part 2 coming up this afternoon…

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